Don’t Fall for the Skinny Jeans Side Part Drama

Millennials and Gen Z are on the same side

Caitlin Fisher
4 min readFeb 24, 2021


A rack of jeans in a store, with signs above that say “Skinny,” “Jeggings,” and “Skinny” again.
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You’ve probably heard the news. Millennials’ skinny jeans and side parts and love of the cry-laugh emoji are out.

Not only out, they’re old.

If you have a side part and skinny jeans, you probably also have a grandchild, memories of ’90s Taco Bell interiors, and maybe a 401(k).

So say the Gen Z teens on TikTok, provoking a rash of memes and tweets from their millennial counterparts responding “This means war!” and back-and-forth mockery of styles, hobbies, and whatever else we can get our hands on.

Pump the brakes.

I think, first of all, we all need to acknowledge that jeans suck.

And on a serious note, I want to remind you that millennials and Gen Z are on the same side.

Discourse about our aesthetics only serves to distract us and create a rift between our generations. We cannot afford that rift.

We need to stick together, because the revolution does not care about your style or your side part.

Combining numbers, millennials and Gen Z outnumber Baby Boomers. (Actually, we outnumber Gen X + Baby Boomers + older generations all put together).

And the older generations know we are out for the blood of corporations destroying the environment, harming workers, and upholding white supremacy.

Fighting about jeans only serves the white patriarchy (stick with me).

I’m coming for the Baby Boomers, once again.

Especially for the Baby Boomers in Congress, with an average member age of 55+. And for our parents and grandparents who swear up and down they had it just as hard as we did, but experienced a vastly lower cost of living, then turn around to shame us for not being further along in life.

This comparison of 1975’s cost of living (adjusted for inflation to 2015 dollars) compared to the cost of living in 2015, is staggering. Particularly interesting is the median income, which was higher in 1975 (adjusted) than in 2015. Yet college costs more than doubled, the price of a new car doubled, and houses are about a year’s salary more…



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